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12 November 1918

The secret Citizens’ Committee revealed in Poznań

– (11–12/11) Polish members of the Prussian parliament and the German parliament held a convention in the “Bazarˮ Hotel. They decided to reveal the existence of the Citizens’ Committee, transformed into the Temporary People's Council with its Commissariat and three leaders: Priest Stanisław Adamski (Greater Poland), Adam Poszwiński (Pomerania), Wojciech Korfanty (Silesia).

– unrevealed Citizens’ Committees in poviats were transformed into People’s Councils.

– Second Lieutenant Mieczysław Paluch gathered several dozen young officers and non-commissioned officers. Information about Poles and soldiers returning from the front was collected.

– The Citizens’ Guard, led by Commander J. Lange, was given the task of protecting peace and order in Poznań. The command was composed of 3 Poles, 2 Germans and 2 Jews. Similar formations were established in other cities.

– An extended meeting of the Polish Military Organisation of the Prussian Partition was held, during which the date for the breakout of the uprising was discussed. Priest Stanisław Adamski protested against the plans, which made conspirators withhold the preparations. The Polish Military Organisation of the Prussian Partition (PMOPP) subordinated itself to Mieczysław Paluch.