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The mission of the Institute of National Remembrance is to honour the efforts of our ancestors who managed to regain the sovereignty of Poland, therefore this website, devoted to the Greater Poland Uprising, is of particular educational and commemorative significance.

Photographs placed on the Home page under the Greater Poland Uprising Gallery tab are a selection of the most interesting photographs which can be found in Documents. The reader will find descriptions of the photographs in Documents, where all iconographic materials are collected.

Please note that the photographs as well as other materials used on the website were provided by institutions that have contributed to the establishment of the website, or are the property of the Institute and are published on the website for educational purposes. Anyone interested in making any of these materials available for purposes other than educational, is requested to contact us.

Under the following website address:, it is possible to find more interesting articles regarding the Greater Poland Uprising, films, radio shows, books and many other interesting proposals which will help you extend your knowledge about the Greater Poland Uprising.

We would like to encourage you to celebrate and commemorate the heroes of the Greater Poland Uprising together!