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5 December 1918

Closing the session of the Partition Sejm in Poznań

– During the three days of the session, important matters such as the borders of the reborn Poland and social and ethnic relations along with international policy were discussed. The general resolution adopted by the session participants provided, among others, for the obligation to compensate for damages caused by neighbouring states. It also stated that it was “not allowed to take any decisions concerning our region without our consent or participationˮ. Demands included in the resolution were: “to annex the regions of the former Kingdom of Prussia for centuries inhabited by Polish people back to Polandˮ.

–The Partition Sejm of Poznań elect an 80-member Supreme People’s Council. In the presence of 62 members, the Presidium was appointed. Its members were: Priest Antoni Wolszleger (Warmia), Priest Paweł Pośpiech (Silesia), Karol Rzepecki, Czesław Meissner (Greater Poland). The Commissariat of the SPC was composed of: Priest Stanisław Adamski and Władysław Seyda (Greater Poland), Wojciech Korfanty and Józef Rymer (Silesia), Dr. Stefan Łaszewski (Pomerania), Adam Poszwiński (Kuyavia). Sub-commissariats were established in Bytom (for Silesia) and Gdańsk (for Pomerania).