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28 December 1918

Captain Stanisław Taczak is the first Commander of the insurgent armies

– The Commissariat of the SPC issued a declaration which stated, among others, as follows: “Seeing the bloody events that have recently taken place in our city, we are torn by conflicting emotions […] We are full of grief and sorrow for the innocent victims of the shooting […] On the other hand, we show admiration and praise to all Polish soldiers, all members of the Citizens’ Guard, the Falcons, the Scouts and all the patriotic youth who, facing the danger, rushed for weapons. Polish blood in Poznań was spilt in defence of the coalition”.

– Poles occupied Grolman’s Fort, the barracks of the 47th Infantry Regiment located in the Jeżyce district and the barracks of the mounted riflemen. There was an unsuccessful attempt at occupying the barracks of the 6th Grenadiers’ Regiment.

– During the evening conference at “Bazar”, attended by independence activists, members of the SPC and the Commissariat of the SPC, a group of members of the Polish Military Organisation of the Prussian Partition, led by Roman Wilkanowicz, rushed in, demanding the continuation of military actions. The Commissariat of the SPC appointed Captain Stanisław Taczak temporary Commander-in-Chief of the insurgent armies. Józef Piłsudski approved the nomination by the telephone.