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26 January 1919

Oath of Greater Poland Armies in Poznań

– At Wilhelmsplatz, currently named Wolności Square (Freedom Square), on the thirtieth day of the Uprising, General Józef Dowbor-Muśnicki, soldiers of the 1st Greater Poland Rifle Regiment and soldiers of the mounted regiment of the Poznań City Guard took a solemn military oath. Festivities included the handing over of the standard to the regiment of riflemen, holy mass and, at the end, a parade of infantry, cavalry and artillery. At 3:00 pm, an inspection of the Poznań People’s Guard was held: 6 battalions composed of 22 companies (3758 people, including 1170 people with weapons).

– Elections to the Legislative Parliament took place. Due to the fighting, they were held outside the former Prussian Partition. According to the political arrangements between the Commissariat of the SPC and the government in Warsaw, representatives of these territories were to become members of the Parliament.