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12 February 1919

The Loss of Babimost and Kargowa

– The Germans started a planned attack on Babimost and Kargowa. These enemy forces comprised approximately 2000 soldiers, including an artillery regiment and two armoured trains. The section was defended by units from the 4th battalion of Second Lieutenant Stanisław Siuda. Babimost was defended by the Wolsztyn Company commanded by Second Lieutenant Stanisław Tomiak, while Kargowa was defended by insurgents from Wielichowo, Wilkowo and Kopanica, commanded by Second Lieutenant Kazimierz Szcześniak. The defence of Babimost broke during the third attack of the German units, when the insurgents left the town. Kargowa, where frontal assaults were repulsed twice, also resisted the enemy. However, flanking manoeuvres forced the Poles to leave the town. Defensive action continued with success in Kopanica, where an attack was repulsed on the following day. 40 soldiers were killed and 70 were wounded. German losses were 70 dead and many wounded soldiers

– A coalition mission with Joseph Noulens came to Warsaw.

– The armistice commission in Trier ordered the Germans to stop their offensive actions.