Institutions creating the portal

The idea of the web portal and the Institutions that helped create it


In 2018, Poland celebrated the 100th anniversary of the regaining of independence. In this special time, we reminded both ourselves and the entire world what great efforts, such as armed battles and organic work, the Poles had to undertake during their 123 years of occupation, to become independent again.

In 1918, our ancestors’ dreams came true. The battle for a free Republic of Poland was fought by a multitude of persons and in a multitude of environments. The efforts transcended all barriers, a wonderful example of which was the participation of the Greater Poland residents in the victorious Greater Poland Uprising.

On the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Greater Poland Uprising, the Poznań branch of the Institute of National Remembrance, in cooperation with many institutions representing science, culture and media, launched a web portal devoted to this important event -

The idea of the project was to jointly develop a web portal that would educate, promote and commemorate the Greater Poland Uprising.

Our invitations to take part in this work to launch a portal were accepted by a number of renowned historians and also the largest institutions keeping the memory of the Uprising. They included:


- the Poznań branch of the Institute of National Remembrance,

- the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań,

- the Greater Poland Museum of Independence in Poznań,

- the Raczyńskis Library in Poznań,

- the Museum of Greater Poland Insurgents in Lusowo,

- the State Archives in Poznań,

- the Society for the Memory of the Greater Poland Uprising,

- the Poznań Foundation of Science Libraries,

- Radio Poznań,

- TVP Poznań,

- Zakłady Kórnickie Foundation,

- the Kórnik Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences,

- the Regional Public Library and Culture Animation Centre in Poznań,

- the City Publishing House Posnania,

- the Greater Poland Genealogical Society Gniazdo,

- the National Agriculture Museum in Szreniawa.

- the National Museum in Poznań

The Poznań Society for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences