Memory points


“So many years have passed since the Greater Poland Uprising that it generally isn’t anyone’s individual biographical memory any more. It is not a memory based on someone’s own experience or a memory that a living person would be able to recall... The time when the events of the uprising directly affected families – brothers or uncles – is also over. Now, the insurgents are grandfathers and great grandfathers, and the knowledge of the events from the past is taken from publications, books or films, not from direct accounts. Thus, the uprising is becoming an object not of individual, but of historical, collective memory” (Professor Marek Ziółkowski). This is why it is our responsibility to take care of the places that bear witness to the Greater Poland Uprising. In recent years, Mr Paweł Anders took an immense effort to take photos of hundreds of such places and to describe them in detail. Below you will find selected forms of commemoration of the Uprising, erected in public places throughout the years."

Author of photographs: Paweł Anders.



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