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5 January 1919

Battles for Inowrocław

– Second Lieutenant Paweł Cyms, commanding armies composed of insurgents from Barcin, Gniezno, Kruszwica, Miłosław, Mogilno, Strzelno, Trzemeszno, Włocławek and Września occupies Inowrocław. Nearly 40 insurgents were killed and 120 were wounded.

– In Czarnków, a unit of Grenzschutz surrendered their arms and left the town. The Poles formed a poviat Security Guard.

– Insurgents from Rakoniewice attacked Wolsztyn. They occupied the town and seized weapons and ammunition.

– In Miejska Górka, German officials were removed and a unit of Security Guard was formed. In Jutrosin, a German outpost was disarmed, a Polish mayor and a Polish town commander were appointed and work started on the formation of the People’s Guard.