Weapons, Uniforms

I. Insurgents and the People’s Guard

  1. Insurgent in the uniform of a German navy soldier, vicinity of Koźmin, early 1919
  2. Insurgent in a German coat, model 1915 and side cap, model 1910, December 1918 – early January 1919
  3. Member of the People’s Guard, early 1919
  4. Eagle from the Przemęt Company’s banner, early 1919
  5. One of the shields with an eagle at Wolności Square in Poznań, adorning the venue where the People’s Guard was sworn in on 23 February 1919.
  6. Eagle worn on a cap, model 1917.
  7. Eagle representing Greater Poland, worn on a cap.
  8. Insurgents’ cockades
  9. Example of a “Silesian” button worn on the uniforms of the Greater Poland Military Forces as well as buttons representing models 1917, 1919 and other.