Weapons, Uniforms

X. Medical service, military chaplaincy and field gendarmerie

  1. Doctor of the 14th Division of Greater Poland Infantry in a German officer’s cape, Bobruysk, winter 1919 / 1920
  2. Gorget patches on jacket collars worn by doctors, 1919 - 1920
  3. Paramedics’ insignia – Aesculapian snake worn on the right sleeve, alongside: jacket sleeve with a properly sewn insignia. (the drawings above are based on the Central Command’s orders of: 19 – 20  February, 30 March and 14 July 1919)
  4. Chaplain of the 7th of the Greater Poland Rifle Regiment, autumn 1919 (on the basis of the Central Command’s order of 8 February 1919)
  5. Nun, paramedic of one of the regiments of the Greater Poland Riflemen, 1919
  6. Field gendarme of Greater Poland Armed Forces, 1919 - 1920 (on the basis of the Central Command’s order of 16 February 1919)
  7. Non-compliant method of wearing gendarmerie’s shoulder cords on jacket’s left arm, alongside: official gorget worn on the left side of the chest, Poznań, March 1919