GREATER POLAND UPRISING 1918-1919 - selection of biographies


Captain in the Polish Army. Born on 12 March 1896 in Poznań, to the family of Stanisław and Maria née Hodern. Here he graduated from common school and gymnasium, receiving his secondary education certificate in 1914. From the Autumn of that year, he served in the German army. In May 1915, upon graduation from the pilot school in Darmstadt, he was sent to the Western Front, where he received several wounds. At the beginning of November 1918, he deserted from the army with the rank of sergeant pilot and arrived in Poznań, where he joined the Polish Military Organisation of the Prussian Partition. Together with W. Pniewski and B. Piniecki and other Polish aviators he dealt with the organisation of the seizure of Ławica airport. After the outbreak of the Uprising, he took part in the seizure of the Ławica air base (5 - 6 January 1919). He participated actively in the organisation of the School of Observers and Mechanics and took command of the 1st Aero Company. On 7 February 1916, he was made a second lieutenant (from 21 January). In March 1919, he took several flights to Silesia with Sergeant Bartkowiak, where he organised the purchase of aeroplanes from the Germans for Poznań. On 25 June, he took command of the 3rd Greater Poland Squadron, which was sent to the Galician Front. The squadron returned to Greater Poland on 19 August 1919. He commanded this squadron, renamed as the 14th Greater Poland Squadron, until the end of 1920. He participated in the organisation of the 3rd Silesian Uprising. In 1922, he was transferred to the reserves with the rank of captain pilot. Until 1939, he dealt with trade in Poznań. He was active in veteran associations of former Greater Poland insurgents. He was drafted to Military Airbase No. 3. On 22 September 1939 he was in Soviet captivity and was murdered in Katyn in spring 1940. Honoured with the Cross of Independence, twice with the Cross of Valour, the Cross on Silesian Ribbon of Valour and Merit, the Silver Cross of Merit and the War Medal. He was married to Ewa Greiserówna.
B. Polak, Mańczak Józef (1896-1940) (in:)Słownik biograficzny powstańców wielkopolskich 1918-1919, ed. A. Czubiński, B. Polak, Poznań 2002, pp. 217-218
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