GREATER POLAND UPRISING 1918-1919 - selection of biographies

JAHNS Antoni

JAHNS Antoni
Commander of the People's Guard unit. He was born on 11 December 1883 in Poznań, to the family of Józef - a postmaster, and Zofia Roesler. He graduated after 7 years of public school. From 1904, he worked for a construction company, at first as a student, and then as an office employee. He took an active part in the work of the Polish Gymnastic Society ”Sokół” [Falcon] - he was, among other things, a gymnastics champion. In 1913 he underwent instructor training in Galicia. In October 1912 he organised the first patrol of Prince J. Poniatowski's scout troop. He was its first chief until he was called up for military service. From March 1915 till 9 November 1918 he served in the German army. He returned to Poznań on 11 November, and on 15 November he joined the People’s Guard. He organised a unit in the Chwaliszewo district, of which he became the commander. He belonged to Second Lieutenant Bobowski's group, which stole secret files from the German offices of the Military General Command of the 5th Corps in Poznań in December 1918. Together with his company, he took part in battles in the area of Poznań (27 December). On 4 July 1919, he was promoted to second lieutenant and on 18 September 1919 - lieutenant. From 30 May till 30 July, he held the position of commander of the 5th National Defence battalion, and from 1 August 1919 till 7 January 1920, he was commander of the reserve National Defence battalion. On 7 January, he was placed on leave from the army and took the post of district commissar in Bojanowo. From the year 1929 until the outbreak of World War II, he held the function of head of the Military-Mobilisation Department in the Poviat Starosty in Gniezno. On 4 September 1939 he was evacuated to Warsaw. After the surrender of the capital city, he returned to Poznań. He hid himself, and thanks to counterfeited documents he was able to work as an accountant. After the war, he returned to Gniezno. He died on 23 January 1960, and was buried in the cemetery of the St. Michael parish church in Gniezno. He was awarded, among others, the Cross of Valour (27 December 1921) and the Greater Poland Insurgent Cross. He was married to Elżbieta Spanier and had two children - Józef (1922) and Tadeusz (1924).
Z. Kościański, Jahns Antoni (1883-1960) (in:) Powstańcy wielkopolscy. Biogramy uczestników powstania wielkopolskiego 1918-1919, v. IV, ed. B. Polak, Poznań 2008, p. 68.
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