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18 January 1919

Division of the front in Greater Poland into 4 groups

– Group 1, North, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Kazimierz Grudzielski; Group 2, West, commanded by Colonel Michał Milewski; Group 3, South-West, “Leszno”, commanded by Lieutenant Bernard Śliwiński; Group 4, South, Commanded by Second Lieutenant Władysław Wawrzyniak.

– Second Lieutenant Jerzy Adam Dziembowski was appointed temporary commander of the airport in Ławica.

– Tough battles on the Western Front, in the region of Łomnica, where the Germans attacked positions defended by a company from Kórnik. Flanking manoeuvres carried out by companies from Opalenica and Jarocin and joined by insurgents from Kórnik forced the enemy to retreat. The losses of the company from Kórnik were 10 dead and 8 wounded.