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19 January 1919

Ban on organising rallies and meetings by soldiers

– Moving of Central Command’s headquarters to the building of the German General Command in today’s Solna Street.

– Central Command gave an order banning soldiers from organising rallies and military meetings, because “no one who held a rifle in his hand has the right to make judgements in such [e.g. political – RK] matters. There are special authorities to deal with these affairs: the parliament, the Supreme People's Council or any authority established by its order. Every soldier should learn how to fulfil his duty in the best possible way.ˮ

– A German half-battalion attacked the village of Waszkowo near Poniec. 3 soldiers escaped the siege, while the rest were taken into captivity. Insurgents occupied the nearby village of Gościejowice, with losses both on their and the Germans’ part. 6 medium machine guns and 3 ammunition carts were also seized.

– Central Command gave the order to form the 1st Greater Poland Rifle Regiment, with Lieutenant Daniel Konarzewski appointed its Commander.