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16 February 1919

Armistice in Trier

– An agreement between Germany and allied commanders on prolonging the armistice was made in Trier (in Rhineland-Palatinate). Under the armistice, in the area affected by the Uprising: “Germans should immediately stop any offensive operations against Poles in the Poznań region and in all other districts”. To this end, German armies must not trespass the following line: the former border of East Prussia and West Prussia with Russia up to Dąbrowa Biskupia, then, starting from this point, west of Dąbrowa Biskupia, west of Nowa Wieś Wielkia, south of Brzoza, north of Szubin, north of Kcynia, south of Szamocin, south of Chodzież, north of Czarnków, west of Miały, west of Międzychód, west of Zbąszyń, west of Wolsztyn, north of Leszno, north of Rawicz, south of Krotoszyn, west of Odolanów, west of Ostrzeszów, north of Wieruszów, and from the Silesian border.ˮ


– Central Command ordered the formation of the 3rd Uhlan Regiment in Gniezno and a non-commissioned officers’ training school in Poznań.