Weapons, Uniforms

IV. Models of rank insignia of the Greater Poland Military Forces and the People’s Guard

  1. Military ranks (worn on mantle cuffs, on rosettes[1] and cap lining): 1.1. general of the branch, 1.2. lieutenant general (equivalent of divisional general), 1.3. second lieutenant general (equivalent of brigadier general); 1.4. colonel, 1.5. lieutenant colonel, 1.6. major, 1.7. captain (rittmeister), 1.8. lieutenant, 1.9. second lieutenant; 1.10. staff sergeant (sergeant major of cavalry, sergeant major of artillery), 1.11. sergeant (sergeant major of cavalry, sergeant major of artillery), 1.12. master corporal, 1.13. corporal (bombardier), 1.14. senior rifleman (uhlan, cannoneer), 1.15. rifleman (uhlan, cannoneer). Alongside: shoulder board and military cap.
  2. Ranks of the People's Guard (worn on mantle sleeves and cap lining): 2.1. Chief Commander; 2.2. regional commander and chief of staff of the High Command, 2.3. regional chief of staff and adjutant of the High Command, 2.4. district commander, adjutant of district staff and quartermaster of the High Command, 2.5. chief of staff in the poviat, 2.6. adjutant of poviat staff, 2.7. quartermaster of poviat staff; 2.8. Staff sergeant, 2.9. sergeant, 2.10. master corporal, 2.11. corporal, 2.12. lance corporal, 2.13. private. Alongside: shoulder board and cap with rim obligatory in the unit.

[1] commonly known as “clubs”