Weapons, Uniforms

VI. Infantry

(examples of uniforms according to the Uniform Regulation of 21-22 January 1919 and insignia introduced by further orders)

  1. Officers of the 1st and 7th Greater Poland Rifle Regiment in Summer and Winter field uniforms, 1919
  2. Privates in uniforms and field equipment from the period as above (see Fig. 3.2).
  3. Gorget patches on infantry units’ jackets: 3.1. without regiment number required by the Regulation, 3.2. The 1st Poznań Garrison Regiment, 25 October 1919, 3.3. HMG Reserve Unit and HMG Sharpshooters Battalion, introduced by Central Command’s order of 8 August 1919.
  4. Specialist insignia of a regiment of soldiers operating heavy machine-guns, 1 February 1919.