Weapons, Uniforms

VII. Cavalry

(examples of uniforms according to the Uniform Regulation for cavalry introduced on 8 February 1919)

  1. Colours on pennants, cap bands and stripes on trousers of uhlan regiments: 1 – 4.
  2. Second lieutenant of the 1st Regiment of the Greater Poland Uhlans in parade uniform; shabrack and sack covers of the former Prussian 1st Regiment of the Queen’s Mounted Riflemen (Regiment Königs-Jäger-zu Pferde Nr. 1), Poznań, 3 May 1919
  3. Rittmeister of the 3rd regiment of the Greater Poland Uhlans.
  4. Senior uhlan of the 2nd regiment of the Greater Poland Uhlans.
  5. Different shapes of shoulder boards in uhlan regiments of Greater Poland Armed Forces.